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Optimax & Ultralase surgeons continue to damage patients eyes - do not take the risk! Visit www.OptimaxReviews.co.uk

Please join in the Whichconversation if your eyes have been damaged by Laser Eye Surgery or Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE):

My name is Mr Abs.  In June 2011 surgeon Dr Seethappa Madhusudhan, one of Optimax's most experienced eye surgeons MISSED the target when he lasered my eyes!  Has Optimax RUINED your life?  Want to see honest reviews from damaged patients?  See Here: www.optimaxreviews.co.uk

BBC London News 19 Aug ‘14

Daily Mail:

YOUTUBE: Highlights the real risks when you allow Optimax to laser your precious eyesight!

My Personal Disaster Story

Campaign Success :)

On 20 November 2013:  John McDonnell MP introduced a Ten Minute Rule Bill calling for Regulation of Refractive Eye Surgery.

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